Month: April 2014

Final Project

Everything is finally finished! Below are the raw image files for the final year degree show press-package. After completing extensive research on colour choice, layout and typefaces I feel as though I have effectivey achieved what I set out to do.

A5 Flyer bag design cd case folder iphone case cover Print tshirt type poster new - a4


Choosing Colour

After carrying out extensive research on the choice of colour for my final design I decided to go with orange and blue as they are opposite sides of the spectrum and therefore will produce an aesthetically pleasing ‘clash’.

Here’s an article that explains why! –¬†

Research into type posters – Experimental Jet Set

For my final project I have decided to have a simplistic design that primarily incorporates and focusses around type. The Experimental Jet Set designers from Holland have been of particular influence to me due to the minimalist style they use, and I very much like the use of the timeless classic that is the Helvetica typeface. Here are some examples of the styles I liked from them below:

antibodies-A0-small experimental_jetset_3ka_folder4 experimental_jetset_104_ouverture experimental_jetset_bipolisa2 experimental_jetset_bluray-poster32 experimental_jetset_hetwijdelanda0 experimental_jetset_paradisco_20_04_96 experimental_jetset_wildeeenda2-1 FFF-small riennevaplus-A0-small

I particularly like when they repeat the same words and lettering over and over and they alter the alignment/positioning on the page to draw greater attention to it. It gives it a more ‘wholesome’ look that I wish to encapsulate. I also like the use of simple colour that does well to create a clash that simultaneously compliments the overall look of the design.