Digital Media – An Introduction

An accurate depiction of me during one of Andrew Duff’s famous YouTube tutorial videos…

Having never really practiced any serious form of digital/graphic design work I’m not completely ashamed to admit that tackling this course does seem a little daunting! I fret not however as I have complete trust in my tutors and the many hours of tutorial video watching ahead of me to aid me in my plight. It’s amazing how much of this stuff we take for granted – I never realised the importance of small things such as font and graphic design (especially after watching the Helvetica documentary in class) and how their differing subtleties can affect our behaviour in instances such as advertising, or for instructional purposes.

My aims for the course are to gain a wider knowledge and grasp for digital media, and hopefully to learn how to effectively use useful programmes to produce artistically clear work. I look forward to the coming term and what awaits – bring on the next tutorial video…


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