[#1] Research for InDesign task

Whilst undergoing a spot of research for the first homework task of the year (yaaaaay #sarcasm) I came across a few interesting and inspirational images. I firstly decided to search things I’m into – i.e. games (mass effect), music (Red Hot Chili Peppers,) and films (Matrix etc). However I soon realised that this was not a great way to go as there are only a handful of so called ‘inspirational’ design associated with these. I therefore took it upon myself to actually search ‘good design’ into Google (my best friend) and lo and behold, I came across some great results! Here’s the best laid out site:


It includes a plethora of really cool images, and I was particularly drawn to a kind of simplistic style framework that came together to produce something with a degree of complexity in the Santa Monica brand below:



Looks like I found what I’ll be putting in my InDesign inspiration list! I think… you can be inspired in a ridiculously short space of time, right?


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